Southern Maine Re-entry Center

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Southern Maine Re-entry Center

Southern Maine Women's Reentry Center is the only reentry center in Maine dedicated to formerly incarcerated women. To be eligible, women must be classified as Minimum or Community and have authorization to work in the community while serving out their sentence. Additionally, women must have four years or less remaining on their original sentence. The goal of Southern Maine Women's Reentry Center is to provide a structured environment where women experience a gradual increase in personal responsibilities and freedom, and where they gain skills that will benefit them upon their return to the community. Women who participate in the reentry program are more likely to successfully reintegrate and break the cycle of recidivism. Programs at Southern Maine Women's Reentry Center assist women with developing self-awareness, addressing underlying conditions like addiction and mental health disorders, obtaining educational degrees and certificates, and developing job skills. For more information, contact the organization directly.

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25 Tyson Drive 3rd flr Augusta, Maine 04333

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