Southwest Center for Equal Justice

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Southwest Center for Equal Justice

The Southwest Center for Equal Justice is a non-profit organization that represents indigent persons in impact lawsuits against the state and local governmental agencies in cases involving civil rights violations and can potentially improve the criminal justice system. Southwest's mission is to eliminate systemic bias and disparate treatment in the criminal justice system toward persons of color, the economically disadvantaged, and persons with mental illness. They offer services free of charge, but they do not engage in criminal defense unless it is necessary for a complete representation of the client in connection with the civil action against the offending agency. However, Southwest Center for Equal Justice considers individual cases involving false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, wrongful forfeitures and civil rights violations on a case by case basis. They also provide direct assistance to clients impacted by collateral consequences of criminal convictions. For more information about this organization, please get in touch with them directly.

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1124 Mountainaire Rd Flagstaff, Arizona 86005

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