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Texas Juvenile Justice Department

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is a governmental agency dedicated to caring for the youth in our system and promoting the public safety of all Texans. TJJD offers a wide array of programs that help juveniles across the state of Texas who are in its care. The agency maintains five secure facilities and five halfway houses, all of which offer programs to meet the individual needs of the youth. TJJD works to keep youth as shallow in the system as possible, grow probation resources and preserve local control, focus on the needs and risks of youth, provide scalable, graduated options to meet youth and system needs, commit to the shortest appropriate time period for youth to be in our system, have youth stay as close to their communities whenever possible according to their best interests and infuse trauma-informed care into all TJJD's projects.

The Advisory Council on Juvenile Services assists the Texas Juvenile Justice Department by: determining the needs and problems of county juvenile boards and probation departments; conducting long-range strategic planning; reviewing existing or newly proposed standards affecting juvenile probation programs, services, or facilities; and analyzing the potential cost impact on probation departments of new standards proposed by the board. TJJD's Probation Services Division works with probation departments across the state to enhance the many services offered to local youth referred to them. TJJD also provides education, information and support to families of youth who are already involved or at risk of becoming involved in the Texas juvenile justice system.

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