The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.

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The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.

The Center for Church and Prison is a resource and research organization that investigates the connection between ministry and incarceration. Researches there study the intersections of religion, penal policies, penal systems, and imprisonment both inside the United States justice system and globally. Central to their mission is a focus on research, resource, and solution oriented proposals regarding numerous elements of the prison culture, penal policies and prison management. The Center for Church and Prison explores the effects of poverty, religion, race, social consciousness on crime rates, consequences, incarceration and penal policies especially in the United States and the United Kingdom toward corrections reform and community based rehabilitation. The Center for Church and Prison believes that a focus on sentencing and prison reform, education, rehabilitation, and economic mobility as essential to corrections reform. For more information about specific research or policy initiatives, contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

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P. O. Box 146 Boston, Massachusetts 02121

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