The MacArthur Justice Center

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The MacArthur Justice Center

The MacArthur Justice Center is a community-based organization that challenges injustices in the criminal legal system. Along with death penalty cases, the Center works on the criminalization of the poor, police misconduct, discrimination in prisons and racial injustice at every phase of the criminal legal system. They file suits on behalf of people in prison who have been denied their fundamental, constitutional rights. The Center also advocates for real, systemic change for those living behind bars. The MacArthur Justice Center pursues legal action against police and prosecutors when their policies and practices harm the communities they are sworn to serve. They represent those directly harmed by discriminatory practices such as cash bail, public defense, unlawful fees and fines and go to court to demand accountability and reform. Some of their community reform initiatives include using the US legal system to work with and for communities affected by institutional racism and oppression such as voting rights, immigrants' rights and rights of protesters.

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375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611

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