The Prison Library Project

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The Prison Library Project

The Prison Library Project provides free reading materials to currently incarcerated individuals nationwide. Since 1986, The Prison Library Project has been housed in the Claremont Forum’s Bookshop and Gallery, which is located in Claremont’s historic Citrus Packing House district. This volunteer led organization believes they can teach the value of literacy development through active engagement with any book, although self help and educational literature books are the main priority for the project. Their mission is to provide books free of charge to any incarcerated individual that requests them. They bring compassion and promote personal responsibility, growth, and a deep appreciate for education, ideas, and literature. The Prison Library Project receives more than 300 book requests per week and manages to mail over 15,000 book packages each year. Contact The Prison Library Project or Claremont Forum’s Bookshop and Gallery for answers to any questions and more information on their book program.

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915 W Foothill Blvd, PMB 128, Claremont, California 91711

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