The Real Cost of Prisons Project

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The Real Cost of Prisons Project

The Real Cost of Prisons Project is an advocacy organization developed to shed light on the hidden costs of incarceration. The project specializes in disseminating information about the realities of incarceration while empowering incarcerated individuals to share their experiences with the outside world. They do this through a variety of publications, from comic strips to formal research studies and newsletters. For more than two decades, activists and justice reform advocates have rallied alongside those living in correctional facilities, continuously framing the full cost of carceral systems in different mediums. One of the more unique aspects of the project's website is that the developers include a running clock that keeps pace with the total number of incarcerated individuals across the country. This information is the bedrock of their advocacy work, as they can extrapolate the cost per individual and project the daily cost to run a corrections facility. For more information, contact the organization directly.

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