The Reentry Opportunity Center

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The Reentry Opportunity Center

The Reentry Opportunity Center is a community based collaborative offering both direct services and advocacy for justice involved individuals. Their primary mission is to engage the community in helping to lower the rate of recidivism and end stigmas associated with criminal convictions. Staff believe that all individuals deserve an opportunity to return to the community after serving their time. The center facilitates a number of programs and events meant to foster fellowship and support among those most often neglected by society. One way that they hope to grow community is through video game events that connect individuals across common interests and help them establish a much needed peer group. The Reentry Opportunity Center also hosts basketball games, provides coffee and snacks to community members, and maintains a comfortable space where individuals can come to relax. For more information about specific services or supports, contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

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2108 Paris Road Columbia, Missouri 65202

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