Transforming Reentry Services

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Transforming Reentry Services

Transforming Reentry Services is a community based organization founded and run by Black women and formerly incarcerated individuals. They take a multi-faceted approach to justice reform which includes direct services, advocacy and ongoing research. Staff are committed to improving the criminal justice system, as well as the services and support systems available to justice involved individuals and their loved ones. Their Harm Reduction in Prison Coalition is a faith-based program developed to help address violence inside prisons and ensure that all incarcerated individuals receive equitable treatment. Transforming Reentry Services also offers several programs designed to help justice involved individuals reach financial security. Staff assist clients with obtaining government documents and identification, support family reunification efforts through targeted coaching, and connect clients with educational opportunities that provide the foundation for more sustainable employment. For more information about specific services or to request assistance, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

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10 West 35th Street, 9th Floor Chicago, Illinois 60616

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