U.S. Prisoners’ Rights Defense League

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U.S. Prisoners’ Rights Defense League

United States Prisoners' Rights Defense League (USPRDL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those involved in the criminal justice system. In some situations, USPRDL assists incarcerated people with appeals and prison regulation violations and helps them file court actions against the jails, prisons and correctional facilities for conditions of confinement matters. These actions may include cruel and unusual punishment, corporal punishment and even death at the hands of corrections officers. This assistance is offered through Paralegal Services and, in some cases, the representation of pro-bono-based volunteer attorneys. Services are provided in each state, and all United States territories. Additionally, USPRDL offers employment assistance and training, conditions of confinement investigations, prison pose and poetry, education assistance, reentry support, lawyer referral, family advocacy and support, prisoners' rights advocacy, corrections reform, and advocation for the end of private prisons. United States Prisoners' Rights Defense League directly for more information on their services.

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6303 North Drive, Suite J. St. Louis, Vermont, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia 63130

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