Veterans Legal Support Network (VLSN)

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Veterans Legal Support Network (VLSN)

Veterans Legal Support Network (VLSN) is a community organization that specifically serves veterans and their loved ones through legal issues. Staff with the organization understand the unique challenges of navigating the community after serving active duty. Their services target key barriers that veterans often face, such as programming to address chronic housing insecurity among veterans. Research shows that veterans with a less than honorable discharge are significantly more likely to experience homelessness, and VLSN is ready to intervene with these veterans. Additionally, staff at VLSN will work with veterans and their families to resolve legal troubles, as they understand that Nebraska does not currently have a veteran's court. Some veterans find themselves serving time in correctional facilities. Veterans Legal Support Network intervenes with these individuals during and after incarceration to ensure that veterans receive the support they need to disrupt the cycle of incarceration and permanently reintegrate into society after duty.

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2801 Harvell Cir Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

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