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Wesley Family Services

Wesley Family Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving families in Western Pennsylvania through behavioral services for all ages. Their programs include supports for individuals with autism, cognitive disabilities, mental health needs and families learning how to best support their loved ones. The Justice and Child Welfare program specifically targets children who have been impacted by the justice system to support and protect families throughout the criminal justice process. Their focus is offering stability and safety for children and their families, both for children who have one or more incarcerated parents and for children in need of home placement services. Through their reentry program services, Wesley Family Services has supported individuals through reintegration with chemical dependence treatment, transitional housing and visitation services. Participants of the program experience high success rates with reentry and family reunification, preserving families impacted by the justice system whenever possible. Individuals can contact the program directly for more information or to discuss available services.

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100 Emerson Lane, Suite 1525, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, 15017

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