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Wisconsin Books To Prisoners

Wisconsin Books to Prisoners (WBTP) is a non-profit organization that sends books free of charge to prisoners in Wisconsin. Their mission is to foster a love of reading behind bars, encourage the pursuit of knowledge and self-empowerment, and help break the cycle of recidivism. WBTP is a project of A Room of One’s Own, an independent bookstore in Madison. The store offers a wide selection of current and classic fiction, nonfiction, and periodicals. At WBTP, volunteers meet weekly to read letters from Wisconsin prisoners, select books from the WBTP library, prepare packages, and mail them. WBTP volunteers ensure freedom for those living behind bars. They believe that books are tools for learning and can open minds to new ideas and possibilities. WBTP offers occupational and vocational trades, legal material, thesauruses and almanacs, books on how to start a business or non-profit, foreign language learning materials (particularly Spanish), African American history books, mathematics and other GED instruction and fiction in all genres, especially urban lit, thrillers, manga, fantasy, and sci-fi. If you need books in prison, please write a letter to WBTP with your requests or contact them directly for any other information.

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1202 Williamson St. #1 Madison, Wisconsin 53703

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