Women’s Justice & Freedom Initiative

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Women’s Justice & Freedom Initiative

Women's Justice and Freedom Initiative, or WJFI, is an abolitionist organization that advocates for women, girls and LGBTQ+ people impacted by the legal system. They educate and shine a light on our legal system's systemic failures and provide an alternative vision in which communities thrive and all people's basic needs are met. WJFI also advocates for addressing the immediate needs of community organizations and legislation statewide and federal legislation to abolish the prison industrial complex. WJFI's Speaking Truths Project is an initiative to create space for all women, all girls and all LGBTQ+ people who have been or are incarcerated to share their experiences, art, wisdom, expertise and words. Currently, WJFI "No New Prisons" campaign aims to create safe and thriving communities by educating the harmful effects of incarceration and developing alternatives to incarceration through community accountability and transformative justice training. Contact Women's Justice and Freedom Initiative directly to learn more about their services.

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187 St. Paul Street, Suite 103 Burlington, Vermont 05401

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