How Do You Check on the Status of Your Loved One in Prison?

How Do You Check on the Status of Your Loved One in Prison?

You have a number of ways to check on the status of your loved one in federal prison. But the easiest way is to speak with the prisoner directly. You can do so by mail, by phone and, sometimes, in other ways.

You may also want to contact the facility where your loved one is. But, in most cases, a prison will not give you information about a prisoner.

Will a federal prison update you on the status of your loved one?

In most cases, a federal prison will only update you on your loved one’s status if they die. While this may sound harsh, prisoners’ privacy is important. If you call to check on your loved one, officials most likely will not give you an answer. Prisoners’ information is usually kept private from the public other than what is already publicly available.

Because prisons generally won’t give you information about your loved one, it’s easier to speak with them on your own. And there are a few ways you can do that.

Prison will not allow you to check on the status of your loved one if you call.
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You can write letters.

One of the easiest ways to check the status of your loved one in prison is through written letters. Mail is generally affordable, and people in prison have chances to write and respond to letters. You can also send your loved one letters electronically at some facilities.

Many advocates recommend writing to your loved one about your life. You can talk about family, friends and more. You can a

Don’t just share the happy news either. Do your best to give your loved one a complete picture of what life is like for you at home. Be sure to ask them about their life as well.

But you should know that officials read everything you and your loved one write. For this reason, you may not want to include too much. You also want to make sure you don’t write anything that could get your loved one in trouble.

Being available for phone calls is a good way to check on the status of your loved one in prison.
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You can answer phone calls.

You cannot call in to check on your loved one’s status in prison. But your loved one can call you. They may not always be able to call you at the same time. So you should be ready to receive a call whenever they can make it.

If you often receive spam calls, you can save or learn the prison’s phone number. This way, you can make sure you don’t dismiss their call as spam.

You can make in-person visits.

Your loved one can tell you about their status in letters and phone calls. But nothing compares to seeing them in person.

Most prison facilities allow in-person visits. And visiting someone in prison benefits them while they are inside and after they are released. Studies show that in-person visitation makes it less likely that a prisoner returns to prison after release.
Before you visit, make sure you research your loved one’s prison visitation rules. You may also need to register with the Bureau of Prisons and get approved before you can visit.

The Takeaway:

In most cases, a federal prison will not give you the status of your loved one if you call the facility. The best way to check on your loved one is by speaking with them directly. To do that, you can write letters, call or visit in person.

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