15th Judicial District, LA Public Defender’s Vermilion Parish Office

15th Judicial District, LA Public Defender’s Vermilion Parish Office

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The Public Defender Program of the 15th Judicial District is a client-centered public legal services program with a branch office located in Abbeville, LA. With District Defenders, attorneys and other support staff, the 15th Judicial District Abbeville Office serves clients in Vermilion Parish. This office will center upon what is best for the client, including implementing best practices of reform, supervision, and expanded vision of the Public Defender Profession, with a firm commitment to fiscal responsibility and respect for victims and other professionals in the Criminal Justice System. They specialize in Felonies—everything from the most serious murder cases down to Second Offense Possession of Marijuana and Third Offense DWI. In addition, the Lafayette Public Defenders also handles Juvenile cases and Misdemeanor cases, including first and second DWIs, fighting, first Possession of Marijuana, and other minor offenses. The 15th Judicial District Office was created as a governmental subdivision devoted to the vindication of the Right to Counsel. For more information on services offered by the 15th Judicial District, Vermillion Parish office, please contact them directly.
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