180 Degrees’ Hope House

180 Degrees’ Hope House

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180 Degrees is a nonprofit organization that provides services and support to vulnerable people in the community. Hope House is an emergency shelter house for the youth in the Twin Cities Southwest Metro Suburbs, in Excelsior, MN, who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Crisis includes family conflict, getting kicked out of home, homelessness, sexual exploitation, living in an emotionally, sexually, or physically abusive home, gender identity issues, or having a mental health challenge or a parent with a mental health challenge. The house is a comfortable 2-story home. Youth share kitchen, living, and recreational areas including a great backyard. Youth live in a shared community, participate in group activities, can attend their regular school and activities, and access supportive services. Case Managers empower youth to identify strengths, explore new resources, and develop strength-based goals and plans.  Youth build life skills and gain self-sufficiency and independence, goals include family reconciliation and reunification.​

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