Adams County, NE Public Defender’s Office

Adams County, NE Public Defender’s Office

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The Adams County, Public Defender’s Office, located in Hastings, Nebraska, is responsible for serving individuals whom the court has determined cannot afford to hire an attorney and who are involved in a variety of legal matters. With one Deputy Public Defender and one Public Defender, the office helps clients with various legal cases involving issues like Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense, Paternity, Divorce, Custody, and Personal Injury. Additionally, Nebraska Statutes provide that it shall be the duty of the Public Defender to represent all indigent persons who are charged with a felony or misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment or when a Petition has been filed before the Douglas County Board of Mental Health. In addition to these statutory duties, the Adams County Public Defender’s Office duties include communicating with clients, filing, coordinating schedules for attorneys, preparing documents and any other tasks assigned. Individuals may contact the organization directly or work through an attorney for more information or file a claim.
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