Adams State University Prison College Program

Adams State University Prison College Program

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Adams State University has a print-based correspondence course program to assist incarcerated individuals with educational goals. The purpose of the program is to create sustainable pathways for incarcerated individuals to obtain undergraduate degrees and complete certificate programs. Tuition for courses in the Adams State University correspondence program is $220 per semester hour. To assist with the cost of tuition, financial advisors at Adams State University work directly with incarcerated individuals to obtain federal grants, such as Pell Grants, to cover costs associated with pursuing their educational goals. As an accredited institution, the degrees issued by Adams State University are recognized throughout the country. Individuals can transfer in up to 90 hours of qualifying credit from other accredited institutions. Both incarcerated individuals and their loved ones can request more information about the program or application materials to enter the program through the program website. Questions should be directed to Adams State University.
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