Allegany County, NY Public Defender’s Office

Allegany County, NY Public Defender’s Office

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The Allegany County Public Defender’s Office is located in Belmont, NY. This office is also known as the J.R. Santana Carter Public Defenders. The mission of Allegany County Public Defender’s Office is to provide a full and fair representation of all persons in our community who cannot afford legal counsel and are in danger of being deprived of a liberty interest or fundamental right due to a criminal accusation or other statutorily defined state action. In addition, it is the goal of the Public Defender’s office to protect every client’s constitutional rights and to defend against discriminatory treatment, disproportionate punishment or unjust consequences. With three Assistant Public Defenders, one Investigative Case Assistant, and other support staff, they strive to protect each person’s fundamental rights, liberties, and dignity whose case has been entrusted to them by providing adequate and competent legal representation. The Allegany County Office is committed to delivering mandated legal services efficiently and cost-effectively while holding themselves to the highest professional and ethical standards. For further assistance, you should first contact the Allegany County Public Defender’s Office.
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