Alliance for Safety and Justice

Alliance for Safety and Justice

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Alliance for Safety and Justice is a community based organization that strives to end mass incarceration and implement alternatives to incarceration. Their focus is on addressing the issues in the community that contribute to over incarceration, such as reducing crime in the community, promoting community health, improving access to recovery and rehabilitation services, and offering support for survivors. Staff and volunteers understand how generational trauma and generational poverty can contribute to incarceration, so they work to intervene with community members who are at risk for incarceration, especially those recovering from chemical dependence and/or experiencing housing insecurity. The Alliance for Safety and Justice Trauma Recovery Centers support survivors of violent crime by offering mental health services, peer support and a welcoming community. Each program at Alliance for Safety and Justice is designed to respond directly to one of the contributing factors most associated with incarceration, including lack of access to stable housing, education and employment.
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