American Friends Service Committee

American Friends Service Committee

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The American Friends Service Committee is committed to creating a space that eliminates violence, inequality and oppression for all individuals. They are a faith-based organization that uses Quaker principles to promote personal development and community change through spiritual healing. Their mission is to transform social institutions and partner with community leaders across the globe to create a more diverse, supportive community. American Friends Service Committee is focused on advancing peace and security across the world by divesting in militarized institutions, developing humane responses to migration and displacement crises, reforming justice practices to focus on healing and rehabilitation, and ensuring just economies that provide for all citizens. They have offices across the United States and in countries on every continent except Antarctica. Together, these collaboratives work toward a more peaceful and supportive global community that serves all individuals regardless of background or faith. Individuals can contact the organization directly through the website or by visiting one of their physical locations to request support or discuss available services.
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