Apex Transitional Housing, Inc.

Apex Transitional Housing, Inc.

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Apex Transitional Housing, Inc. is a Phoenix-based non-profit organization serving and supporting the community with affordable and fair housing for all. They offer a safe environment with professional staff to provide holistic life skill development, vocational programming, supportive housing, one-to-one behavioral health coaches and recovery support. At Apex, they provide intensive outpatient services, DUI screening, DUI education, counseling and misdemeanor domestic violence treatment. Their transitional housing facility has 44 beds with a commercial kitchen and provides three meals daily and two snacks. In addition, the staff administers drug screens randomly and frequently to ensure the community’s safety. This organization also provides housing for veterans. Apex Transitional Housing’s mission is to bring lasting recovery to a wide demographic range of individuals in a community setting. They strive to provide the highest caliber of rehabilitative services. For more information on their services and questions on eligibility and admissions, please contact them using the information provided on this page.
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