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Arizona@Work is a statewide workforce development network that helps job seekers throughout the state and provides services and resources to pursue employment opportunities. Arizona@Work’s mission is to provide innovative workforce solutions to employers and job seekers. In addition, their Arizona Career Readiness Credential (ACRC) program validates the skills that matter most to Arizona employers. The ACRC is an employment too that is available to job seekers to prepare them for success by demonstrating their command of seven skill areas relevant to every occupation, industry and career pathway across the state. The Arizona Adult Education Services program also provides comprehensive literacy services to learners 16 years of age and older who are not enrolled in a K-12 school. It offers access to quality educational opportunities to support employment, job training and higher education aspirations. This organization also helps people with disabilities, veterans and migrant seasonal farmworkers. Please go to their website to find jobs near you. For further information, please contact Arizona@Work directly.
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