Boldly Go Ministry

Boldly Go Ministry

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Boldly Go Ministries is a ministry located in Malvern, AR. The ministry was started to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into churches, prisons, county jails, rehab centers, and local city streets. Boldly Go Ministries brings the power of God’s word to those seeking it with a method and message that everyone can understand. They welcome all people seeking guidance indiscriminately, stating on their website: “No matter who you are or where you’ve come from, we have a word for you!” Boldly Go Ministry is headed by Pastor Super Dave, who dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2000. Pastor SuperDave preaches live on Facebook and YouTube every Friday at 6 pm and every Sunday at 11:10 am, but Boldly Go Ministry also has previously recorded sermons listed on their website.

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