Breakthrough Alliance of Colorado

Breakthrough Alliance of Colorado

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Breakthrough Alliance of Colorado is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of justice involved individuals and their communities. They offer wraparound services ranging from career and education programming to community activism and support during reintegration. Staff with Breakthrough Alliance of Colorado also act as advocates in the community, changing the perception of people with criminal backgrounds and working with community leaders to protect the livelihoods of all community members. Services are available to both currently incarcerated individual and those who have returned to the community. Their programs include: The Challenge, The Transformation, The Return, and The Exemplar. Each program is specially designed to meet the needs of individuals at different stages of incarceration and reintegration. The Challenge, which focuses on currently incarcerated individuals, is a 32-week program during which individuals build character and career skills, prepare for life on the outside and set goals to break the cycle of incarceration. For more information, contact the program directly.
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