Brooklyn Defender Services, Pierrepont Office

Brooklyn Defender Services, Pierrepont Office

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The Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS) has a main office located on Pierrepont Street. This office consists of ten Criminal Defense Attorneys, eight Family Defense Attorneys, five Immigration Attorneys, three Civil Justice Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants and other support staff. BDS represents people accused of a crime, parents threatened with child removal, immigrants facing deportation, and students. They conduct full investigations of the evidence, analyze and argue legal issues pertinent to each case, and advocate for their clients with the prosecutor and judge regarding pre-trial issues, such as bail and orders of protection. BDS also provides legal representation to people who are brought to court and helps to clear the records of people from databases that impact employment. Additionally, they defend people against eviction, school suspension, loss of employment, employment discrimination, property seizure and denials of benefits such as SNAP and public assistance. They also fight for the fundamental right to a home, for children to access the education and services they require and for people to have a fair opportunity to work and earn a sustainable living. If you wish to mail BDS, please do so at 177 Livingston St., 7th Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11201. For further assistance, please contact the main office.
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