Chickasaw Nation Re-entry Transitional Employment Program

Chickasaw Nation Re-entry Transitional Employment Program

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The Chickasaw Nation is a government agency that offers a Reentry Transitional Employment Program to Chickasaw citizens with legal barriers to employment. The reentry program provides opportunities for participants to become self-sufficient through life skills training and on the job work experience. Services are aimed at enhancing work ethics and overcoming employment barriers. The agency is committed to providing programs and services to benefit and improve the lives of Chickasaw citizens worldwide. From meeting basic needs to supporting the pursuit of lifelong goals, the Chickasaw Nation offers a wide range of services in the arts, cultural preservation, education, employment and career opportunities, health care, housing and more. Individuals interested in the reentry program must be a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, have a felony conviction or be under current felony deferment, have a violent misdemeanor, be unemployed, have no unresolved or pending cases, no outstanding warrants and must be able to pass drug/alcohol screening.
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