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City of Faith

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City of Faith provides reentry services beneficial to citizens returning to their communities, enabling them to live full lives after release. Partnering with both state and federal agencies, City of Faith provides a rehabilitation service to individuals needing a second chance. As part of their reintegration into the community, residents are to seek employment upon release, establish family ties and save money. Programs include substance abuse counseling, education and life skills training, job development, counseling and family intervention, employment and housing assistance, and faith-based programs. City of Faith is contracted with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections to operate reentry programs for inmates servings the final phases of their sentences. Placement of residents for reentry services is determined by statutory and regulatory criteria. Recommendations are submitted by classification officers, case managers, and the Parole Board. City of Faith does not solicit resident placement. Specific questions concerning eligibility should be addressed at their current institution.
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