Clark County, NV Special Public Defender

Clark County, NV Special Public Defender

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The Clark County Special Public Defender’s Office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and provides indigent individuals with legal counsel at all phases of serious criminal proceedings. Clark County established the Office of the Special Public Defender to provide all necessary legal counsel to individuals charged with the offense of Open Murder that the Public Defender is unable to represent. The Special Public Defender’s Office includes nearly 20 highly experienced attorneys devoted to providing quality representation to their clients. They provide specialized representation in complex cases and are assisted by investigators, mitigation specialists, and other support staff. In addition, their appellate team handles appeals and writs before the Nevada Court of Appeals and Nevada Supreme Court. The mission of the Clark County Special Public Defender is to provide vigorous, high quality, and comprehensive ethical representation in cases where the Public Defender has a conflict of interest. The right to counsel guaranteed to every American citizen accused of a crime is embodied in the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. An integral component of the right to counsel is the right to court-appointed counsel for those unable to hire an attorney. If the court has assigned a public defender to your case in the Clark County Special Public Defender’s Office, kindly contact the office head for assistance.
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