Coalfax County, NE Public Defender’s Office

Coalfax County, NE Public Defender’s Office

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The Colfax County Public Defender’s Office, located in Schuyler, Nebraska, represents individuals who cannot afford an attorney and who are involved in various legal matters. With one Public Defender and various other supporting staff, the Office of the Colfax Public Defender is charged with representing the county of Colfax in criminal defense cases resulting from lawsuits filed against the indigent clients in Schuyler, Nebraska. The Public Defender ensures that every accused citizen, regardless of financial resources, receives zealous and effective representation as mandated by the United States and Nebraska Constitutions. The roles and responsibilities of the Colfax county public defender’s office are to provide legal representation, consultation, and advice to clients and represent clients through criminal investigative proceedings. In addition, create a defense plan, conduct legal investigative research, interview the necessary clients and witnesses, work closely with clients, and discuss relevant information and strategies. The privilege of offering representation to those in need is why the law has offered public defense services. For any clarification on Colfax County Public Defender’s services, reach out to them using the correct contact information.
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