Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.

Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.

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Coastal Horizons Center is a nonprofit private service delivery corporation that serves Eastern North Carolina. Its mission is to provide various professional services to help people live healthier lives, have stronger families, and live in safer communities. The cooperation supports people in need with a wide range of effective, evidence-based substance use, mental health, crisis intervention, justice, and wellness services. Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC) manages the care of people in the judicial system having substance use disorder or a mental illness. It combines the power of legal sanctions with treatment and support services to break the cycle of addiction and crime. As essential services, Recidivism Reduction Services (RRS) include cognitive behavioral interventions (CBI) and a community-based range of substance use services. Re-Entry Systems of Effective Treatment (RESET) emphasize re-entry into the community through comprehensive behavioral health treatment. Peer support specialists are used to provide direct assistance after a client releases into the community.
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