Connecticut Pardon Team, inc.

Connecticut Pardon Team, inc.

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The Connecticut Pardon Team works specifically with justice involved individuals who may qualify for a pardon of criminal convictions. Eligible individuals must have completed the terms of their incarceration, probation and/or parole prior to receiving services from the organization. Staff with the Connecticut Pardon Team understand the barriers that individuals with criminal convictions may face, including disenfranchisement, difficulty obtaining employment and challenges applying for government assistance. They work with clients to remove those barriers and restore the rights of justice involved community members. The organization is a registered nonprofit, and they actively collaborate with other social justice nonprofits throughout Connecticut to ensure that clients have the best opportunity to succeed in all facets of their lives. They may be able to assist with placement in residential programs, treatment centers and job development programs. For more information, individuals should contact the organization directly to discuss their situation and explore available services.
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