Coos County Inmate Programs

Coos County Inmate Programs

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The Coos County Department of Corrections serves and protects the community by providing care, custody, and control towards incarcerated men and those under trial. Coos County Department of Corrections’ objective is to ensure community safety, facility security, and the well being of staff and prison population. Staff members recognize that individuals face hardships due to confinement alone and that their mission is not to punish but to make an individuals in state custody as productive as possible. When sentenced to the Coos County Department of Corrections, each incarcerated individual must work up to 7 days per week and be assigned duties unless excused by a physician. The facility encourages individuals to participate in all programs that may benefit them. The Department of Corrections Library provides reading materials as well as access to legal resources and research software. For more information about specific services, contact the Coos County Department of Corrections directly.
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