Correction Enterprises

Correction Enterprises

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Correction Enterprises is a division of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. It allows incarcerated people to develop work skills by manufacturing goods and services for the Department of Public Safety and other tax-supported businesses. The organization’s mission is to make North Carolina safer by transforming people’s lives. Correction Enterprises focuses on teaching valuable technical and soft skills to those impacted by the criminal justice system to provide meaningful employment training. It contributes to a safer prison environment for staff and the prison population. It provides essential goods and services to the state of North Carolina at cost savings to the state. The organization assures sufficient resources to support continued operations by emulating successful private businesses and embracing the values of customer service, quality, safety, and innovation to create sales and maintain profits. Customers can browse and check out their items or use eProcurement to place an order on the Correction Enterprises’ official website.
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