Coweta County Accountability Courts

Coweta County Accountability Courts

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Coweta County Accountability Courts are collaborative court programs that work to address criminal justice issues. The programs not only address addiction and mental health needs, but encourage educational growth, mandate employment and child support compliance, and work to reintegrate those who would otherwise be lost in the criminal justice system. There are various courts that provide different services. The Coweta Circuit Drug Court provides incarcerated people with the tools to strengthen their families, improve their health, and become productive, tax-paying citizens. It is an alternative sentencing rehabilitation program for those struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues. The program seeks to help participants gain stable and successful lives by maintaining sobriety, receiving therapeutic, educational, and vocational opportunities, as well as providing many crucial resources.  The Coweta County DUI Court assists multiple DUI incarcerated people to assist participants in their endeavor to become sober, productive citizens of Coweta County. The Coweta Veterans Treatment Court is an alternative sentencing rehabilitation program for veterans struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues. The Family Treatment Court of the Coweta County Juvenile Court develops and sustains a collaborative approach to promote healthy, stable, permanent, drug-free and safe families for children whose parents have substance abuse issues.

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