DC Reentry Action Network

DC Reentry Action Network

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The Reentry Action Network is a collaborative of community leaders and organizations committed to supporting formerly incarcerated individuals. According to the organization, nearly 2,000 individuals return to the DC community after incarceration every year, with 1 in 7 DC residents living with a criminal record. The organization believes strongly that providing assistance and advocacy is essential to reducing recidivism and giving all individuals the best opportunity for permanent reentry. Members of the Reentry Action Network offer a number of services, including: job readiness and placement support, financial skills workshops, legal assistance, residential services, mental healthcare, recovery services, behavioral modification counseling, peer mentorship, family reunification and many others. Together, members of the network participate in advocacy at the community, state and federal levels. Some members work to influence policy changes and a more equitable justice system. For information about specific services or to request a referral, contact the Reentry Action Network directly.
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