Dismas House

Dismas House

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Dismas House is a supportive transitional housing program for formerly incarcerated people, located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The residents of Dismas House live and work as a family, helping each other grow towards the goal of reintegration into society. Dismas provides a consensus-based, sober alternative to a return to the streets, and a return to incarceration. Other programs include the Dismas Family Farm, where residents learn critical vocational skills to reintegrate positively and meaningfully with society by working together to tend the farm, and The BAR None Program designed to help individuals with criminal records address civil matters that are barriers to successful reintegration. There are simple rules, such as no violence, drugs or alcohol; and there are expectations, such as attendance at dinners, curfews, chores and participating in house meetings and activities. Contact Dismas House directly for more information on their programs.
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