Durham Expunction and Restoration Program

Durham Expunction and Restoration Program

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Durham Expunction and Restoration Program (DEAR) is a North Carolina-based organization that removes barriers to employment and housing by providing free legal services to Durham residents who cannot afford attorneys to expunge charges and convictions from their criminal records and restore suspended or revoked drivers’ licenses. DEAR is a collaboration of local government, court, and community actors who together embrace a vision for a court system that ensures all parties, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or income, have equal access to the legal relief guaranteed by law, and vision for a city that believes in second chances. The Expunction Program under DEAR works to identify parties in the court system eligible for expunctions in “real-time” at the disposition of their case and provide them with unprecedented, timely legal relief through referral to a coordinated network of free legal providers in the Durham community and/or to one of the DEAR Program staff attorneys. DEAR’s Restoration Program is designed to expand access to driver’s license restoration through targeted traffic debt relief. They accept walk-ins and no prior appointment is needed. The program is provided free of charge by the City of Durham.

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