Esmeralda County, NV Public Defender’s Office

Esmeralda County, NV Public Defender’s Office

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Esmeralda County has contracted with private attorneys—Mountain West Lawyers Public Defender—located in Pahrump, Nevada, to help indigent people arrested or accused of a crime. Mountain West Lawyers offers representation to those charged with criminal misconduct, misdemeanors, and felony cases. Mountain West Lawyers work closely with their clients to discuss the events and gather all details pertinent to the defense, thus ensuring that every accused citizen receives zealous and effective representation as mandated by the United States and Nevada Constitutions, regardless of financial resources. The objective of Esmeralda County’s Indigent Defense Plan is to achieve equality before the law for all persons. Therefore, Esmeralda County contracts with a private attorney to act as the Esmeralda County Public Defender. The Esmeralda County Public Defender is appointed to all indigent defense cases unless the office is unable to take the case. The Department of Indigent Defense Services assists Esmeralda County in implementing their plan by selecting appointed counsel when necessary and reviewing billing requests. If you wish to visit the Esmeralda County Law Office of Mountain West Lawyers Public Defender website, please click here or reach out to them using the contact information provided.
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