F.A.C.T. ReEntry

F.A.C.T. ReEntry

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Families and Communities Together is a community based organization dedicated to serving justice involved individuals and their families. The organization works in tandem with the Missouri Department of Corrections to support formerly incarcerated individuals during the reentry process. The Missouri Reentry Process is a program that offers wraparound services designed to address the many barriers that individuals with criminal convictions face when returning to the community, including vocational services, educational opportunities, and connecting individuals to social service organizations that may benefit them. Staff understand that certain underlying factors, such as a history of substance abuse, can lead to reoffense and reincarceration. Families and Communities Together acts as a bridge to treatment programs that can help give individuals the best chance at permanently reintegrating into the community. The organization also continuously assesses available resources for formerly incarcerated individuals and advises the Department of Corrections about potential support solutions to help lower recidivism rates.
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