Family Supportive Housing

Family Supportive Housing

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Family Supportive Housing is a community based organization focused on assisting single and two parent families experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to permanently end homelessness in the community, and to ensure that every family has a place to call home. The San Jose Family Shelter is the only facility in Santa Clara County that serves only single and two parent families with children. Residents of the shelter receive active case management, medical services and referrals to community support programs. Staff also assist with housing searches and provide healthy spaces for children to play with one another. Bridges Aftercare, another program with Family Supportive Housing, provides tailored services from emergency intervention to long term support. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization has also instituted a program to offer temporary financial support to individuals experiencing financial crisis or housing emergency. For more information about specific services, contact the organization directly.
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