Florida Department of Corrections Office of Programs and Reentry

Florida Department of Corrections Office of Programs and Reentry

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The Office of Programs and Reentry is part of the Florida Department of Corrections and is tasked with easing the reentry process. The goal of the office is to lead the way in rehabilitation programming and support services for formerly incarcerated people returning to the community. They utilize evidence based strategies that simultaneously improve the safety of the community while also setting individuals up for successful, permanent reintegration. The Bureau of Education, one of their core programs, offers academic and career support services, library services, cognitive behavioral programming and specialized group services. The Bureau of Substance Use Treatment provides essential transition services for those exiting treatment centers or correctional facilities. This includes their reentry institutions, as well as their behavioral health and substance use treatment programs for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information on this page.
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