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For The People is an advocacy and legal resource organization that works with the California District Attorney’s office to help remedy unjust sentences of incarcerated people whose sentences were too harsh, stemmed from outdated policies, or they have turned their lives around while on the inside, their continued confinement is unjust. They seek help from prosecutors to serve the people and fight injustice. Their “Prosecutor-Initiated Resentencing” tool, help to reunite families and restore communities that have been decimated by mass incarceration. For The People works with District Attorney offices to establish policies and procedures for reviewing and recommending cases eligible for resentencing. The only way a court can hear your case under California Penal Code § 1170(d)(1) for recall of sentence and resentence is through a recommendation from one of the following actors: the District Attorney that prosecuted your case, CDCR or the Board of Parole Hearings, and the County Administrator or Sheriff’s Office (if you are serving a sentence in jail).  Therefore, it is not advised to pay any attorneys offering to “file a petition for you.”  your behalf. A trial court can recall and issue a new sentence in two circumstances: 1) the court recalls a sentence and resentences on its own motion within 120 days of judgment or 2) the court recalls and resentences at any time after the original sentencing if CDCR, the Board of Parole Hearings, the Sheriff/County Administrator, or the District Attorney submit a formal recommendation to trigger the court’s discretion. They do not provide legal representation or legal advice.

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