Freedom Seekers Ministry

Freedom Seekers Ministry

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Freedom Seekers Ministry is a faith-based organization providing reentry support services to individuals in the Northwest Arkansas area. Since their establishment in 2005, they have housed and assisted over one thousand individuals from the Department of Corrections, local jails, and off the streets. Freedom Seekers uses Restoration Centers for worship services, individual counseling, community outreach, accountability mentorship, recovery support, employment services, and emergency assistance with food, clothing, and a safe living environment. Additionally, this program requires that individuals become active members of the body of Christ to ensure the best possible outcomes of accountability, group support, and case management. This long-term approach provides the tools and time necessary for new patterns of behaviors to become solidly embedded in the foundation that propagates success in all areas of life. Outreach in their local communities is focused on individuals and families needing support services for addiction recovery, abuse, poverty, and hopelessness. Get in touch with Freedom Seekers Ministry directly for more information on services provided.
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