Gardner House, Inc.

Gardner House, Inc.

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Gardner House provides a safe place and segues for returning citizens. They provide housing, skills training and counseling as the fellow citizens return to society. Gardener House is based on Jimmie C Gardner who was exonerated after 3 decades. He has become an advocate for other wrongfully imprisoned men and women who have felt the sting of this country’s systemic and racial injustices throughout the criminal justice system. He also advocates for prison reform and incarcerated people’s rights all over the country. He is an active motivational speaker,  engaged by high schools, colleges and universities, including the Georgetown School of Law,  churches, community, as well as civic organizations throughout the country. He has also spoken in prisons such as Lee County State Prison and Autry State Prison in Georgia, in his effort to expose ongoing injustices and bring about prison reform for incarcerated people. Jimmie offers prisoners hope through specific insight and encouragement as only he can share given all that he has endured. Jimmie C. Gardner’s constitutional fortitude is a living testimate to individuals striving to overcome in any walk of life, be they, incarcerated or civilian.

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