Grace Without Borders Ministries

Grace Without Borders Ministries

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Grace Without Borders Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit organization that offers prison ministry services to incarcerated individuals. Their ultimate goal is to positively impact the lives of the incarcerated through the life-transforming power of the Gospel, and improve the overall atmosphere in correctional facilities. In Arkansas, they serve the detention centers of Maximum Security Unit in Tucker, Central Arkansas Center in Little Rock, Wrightsville Unit in Wrightsville, Delta Regional Unit in Dermott, and Cummins Unit in Gould. In addition to ministry services, they offer specialized classes such as Changing My Life: The Process, Experiencing God, Living A Moral Life, Spiritual Discipleship, Stepping Up by Dennis Rainey, Living as a Man/Woman of God in the Free World, Learning to Handle Finances, Being a Godly Parent, Verse by verse study of various books of the Bible Marriage: Keeping it Real, God’s Way, Overcoming Substance Abuse, God’s Way Authority: The Benefits of Submission versus the Cost of Rebellion. For more information on the services offered Grace Without Borders Ministries, please get in touch with them directly.
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