Growing And Coping Together

Growing And Coping Together

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Their mission is to restore the relationship of children and their families who have experienced having an incarcerated loved one by providing compassionate interventions as they grow and cope together. They define Jewels as children or adolescents who are growing up with an incarcerated parent or loved one. They provide mentorship, referral services, and a pathway for healing and success to the Jewels, family members and caregivers. Their goal is to promote success for the Jewels and reduce recidivism for the incarcerated or formerly incarcerated loved ones by restoring healthy relationships. They provide academic tutoring, professionalism, resume writing, parenting and finance classes. They have a teen support groups and tutors for extra academic support to improve grades and academic success. They also have etiquette clubs for boys and girls separately to teach self-respect, character building, and kindness

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