Hinds County, MS Public Defender’s Office

Hinds County, MS Public Defender’s Office

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The Hinds County Public Defender’s Office is located in Jackson, MS. With 12 Felony Defenders, three Parent Defenders, one Death Penalty Defender, six Youth Defenders, the Hinds County Public Defender’s Office represents indigent clients in Felonies, Juvenile Delinquency and Capital cases. An individual must apply for a public defender by completing a detailed financial statement and agreeing to provide documentation concerning income, assets and debts for the person and the person’s spouse, if any. This information generally is provided to a court employee who reviews the financial information and makes a recommendation to the judge whether or not the person is eligible for government-paid counsel. Individuals who are determined to be eligible for court-appointed counsel do not have the right to choose who their attorney will be. However, they do have the right to have competent legal representation. For any clarification on the services of Hinds County Public Defender’s Office, reach out to them using the contact information provided here.
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