Horizon Communities in Prison

Horizon Communities in Prison

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Horizon Communities in Prison helps incarcerated people to re-enter society. Each state has implemented different programs, as well as having administration changes. In their residential programs incarcerated people find a community that allows them to live in an atmosphere that is more focused on education and living a better lifestyle.  A mock society is created inside of the prison to help rehabilitate those in the program to see how their participation within the society is relative to the bettering of the community at large. Families are established with leaders assigned to each family, and concerns are handled by the families themselves.  For those concerns that cannot be handled within the family itself, the community leaders are called upon to help assist in a resolution. The Horizon Communities in Prison help incarcerated people to develop governmental, political, social and religious areas of society. Because of the volunteer status of each participant, and the community enforcing the rules, a sense of safety is provided within the prison that normally would not be established. College courses and computer literacy programs are offered to allow participants the ability to stay current with some of the technology and programs that allow relevance upon re-entry.  Also, classes that promote reading, writing, and artwork unleash the brilliance that exists inside of the minds of those that have used their minds for harm rather than good. The program has used Biblical and moral examples to set up the statutes that help maintain order within the program. However, this is a multi-faith community. All faiths are welcome to participate, and the community is built around understanding each other’s differences, which leads to a better understanding of each other’s behaviors and beliefs. The economic area of society discourages incarcerated people from sharing or bartering, which is a factor highly encouraged everywhere else in society. Closets have been set up to help care for the basic necessities of those that do not receive help from outside family or friends. This establishes trust and understanding as many inside this community begin to reveal segments of their lives that are in need of repair.  

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